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How to effectively slow down hair loss?

Write the 20/10/2022 by Santarome Bio

Hair loss is a phenomenon that affects women throughout their lives but also affects many men and is most often observed as people approach their forties.

There are ways to effectively slow it down, using natural methods such as taking hair gummies for example. Find out all about ways to slow down hair loss !

Why does hair fall out? 👩

Hair loss, also called alopecia, is linked to a very classic hormonal phenomenon.

To fully understand the reasons for hair loss , we must take into account the fact that our hair grows cyclically.

The growth and loss of our hair is in fact conditioned by a cycle. A typical head of hair includes more than 100,000 hairs, which renew themselves naturally. The hair cycle is made up of three stages:

  1. Anagen phase (the hair growth cycle);
  2. Catagen phase (the resting cycle of the hair);
  3. Telogen phase (expulsion of hair);

These phases vary in duration.

  1. The anagen phase can last between a few months and several years. During this phase, hair grows at a variable rate depending on the person. Follicles grow less quickly on the temples than on the top of the head.
  2. The catagen phase lasts between three weeks and several months; during this cycle the hair stops growing.
  3. The telogen phase means that the hair falls out to be replaced by another. It is therefore perfectly normal to lose around a hundred hairs in a day and this should not alert you.

We experience around twenty hair cycles in a lifetime, meaning our hair renews around twenty times .

Hair loss is linked to the influence of male hormones : enzymes transform testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which artificially accelerates hair cycles. Hair therefore falls out much more quickly. This type of alopecia is generally linked to hereditary causes.

There are also exogenous causes of hair loss : a tiring and stressful lifestyle can accelerate hair loss and slow down regrowth, or a deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

Warning: sudden and unexplained hair loss over a very short period of time can be a signal of health problems. If in doubt, contact a doctor immediately.

Hair loss

What natural methods to fight against hair loss? 🛀

Different methods exist to combat hair loss :

  1. Be careful, a simple shampoo will not be enough to completely stop hair loss, even if it guarantees immediate action. On the other hand, certain specialized shampoos slow down hair cycles and naturally increase hair volume. To choose an effective shampoo, carefully validate the composition of your product. Thus, a shampoo rich in hydrolyzed proteins rebuilds damaged and damaged hair, and can therefore prove very beneficial in the event of hair loss. Aloe vera is also a component of your anti-hair loss shampoo which can be very effective.
    Last recommendation: air dry your hair and avoid the automatic hair dryer as much as possible. Also avoid straightening your hair with an electric straightener. Artificial air contributes to damage to your scalp.

  2. Hair lotion can also be an excellent ally to promote the regrowth of your hair . This product is most often made from essential and mineral oils. It is applied to the scalp and provides your hair with all the nutrients it needs. Your hair is strengthened and nourished naturally. The anti-hair loss lotion cleanses the scalp and promotes their regrowth.

  3. Certain foods are also known to boost hair health . To keep yours healthy, take a fish cure! Rich in zinc and amino acids, they will be your best allies for dream hair. Wheat germ and other cereals also contribute to healthy hair. They contain a high amount of vitamin B, which regulates sebum secretion in the scalp. Vegetables rich in vitamin C are very effective natural antioxidants.

Food supplements for healthy hair 🌱

Santarome Bio offers food supplements to contribute to the health of your hair. Sublimes organic hair gummies are allies of the beauty of your hair and repair all hair types.

Composed of organic nettle, organic blueberry and organic rocket, they are enriched with organic buds (oak, white orne and blackcurrant) which reinforce their effectiveness: .

  1. Organic nettle helps stimulate keratin, the natural protein that makes up hair.
  2. Organic arugula stimulates the hair bulb and helps to strengthen it effectively.
  3. As for blueberry, it is an essential element that stimulates the scalp.

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