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Nos conseils pour avoir un bronzage naturel et durable


What are the benefits of birch sap?

Birch is a particularly resistant tree, renowned for its ability to grow in the driest lands. It is therefore not surprising that its sap is highly appreciated for its multiple virtues.

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Santarome, Pioneering Brand of Organic Phytotherapy

Santarome Bio is a French brand of natural food supplements (ampoules, gummies , tablets, etc.) created in 1983. A pioneer in organic herbal medicine, our mission is to reveal the best that plants provide.

All our research is guided by this philosophy: drawing from the heart of the plant kingdom useful resources to help you take care of yourself naturally every day. We are therefore developing unique food supplements with high doses of organic plants and buds to guarantee better effectiveness.

The majority of our products are organic, vegan, natural and made in France.

Our food supplements are designed with specialists in herbal medicine and we collaborate with naturopaths. Unique and innovative, our food supplements combine phytotherapy and organic gemmotherapy. Highly dosed in plant extracts which act synergistically, our formulas are enriched with tri-complexes of organic and fresh buds for enhanced effectiveness.

We offer innovative formulas with numerous active ingredients including plants, buds, vitamins and minerals and also essential oils. Finally, we have developed a unique manufacturing process allowing us to incorporate organic bud macerates into capsules. Our customers' favorite formulas are our Pure Organic Birch Sap , our Somnifor 4 Actions tablets and our Sublime Organic Hair Gummies .

The majority of our plants are certified organic: natural, without pesticides, without chemicals, without insecticides, without preservatives, without synthetic colors or flavors. The buds are a concentrate of all the plant's active ingredients. The bud has all the genetic heritage of plants and can alone contribute to the development of branches, flowers, fruits or roots. All our buds are guaranteed fresh, organic, and hand-picked in France. We always combine them with our products for optimal effectiveness.

All our organic food supplements are made in France by experts in their field. Our R&D team is constantly looking for technological innovations to improve the efficiency of our products.

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Sublime Organic Hair

My hair is less brittle! And I was able to observe faster growth in just 1 month. Gummies super e...


Organic Liver Wellness

It's the best solution to my digestion problems and it's 100% ORGANIC!


Griffonia Rhodiola

very good to be zen for the day. I take an ampoule in the morning on an empty stomach mixed with ...


Royal Jelly Pollen Propolis Organic Manuka Honey

A perfect boost to face the winter season. I highly recommend this product. I haven't been sick a...


Organic Good Night Gummies

I felt calmer before falling asleep and my nights were less disjointed.


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