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Sublime Organic Hair Gummies Box x Soi Paris



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LIMITED EDITION | Find our Sublime Organic Hair Gummies in an exclusive box in collaboration with Soi Paris. A unique favorite offered with the purchase of 2 months of Sublime Organic Hair Gummies.

Want to take care of your hair?

Our Sublime Organic Hair Gummies Box x Soi Paris is composed of:


2. 1 FREE PARIS CHOUCHOU SOI : A magnificent scrunchie that does not damage your hair! Soi is a French ready-to-wear brand whose prints are all created by hand. This favorite is unique and only available in limited edition in the Santarome Bio x Soi Paris boxes.

Accelerates growth.

Repairs and strengthens all hair types.

Reveals hair shine

2 gummies per day | For optimal results we recommend 3 months of treatment

To discover :

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Contact Sarah and Mélanie on hello@santarome.fr

The Box of 2 Sublime Organic Hair Gummies + Chouchou Soi Paris is composed of:

- 2 MONTHS OF SUBLIME ORGANIC HAIR GUMMIES : this formula is composed of Organic Nettle , rich in silica, which helps stimulate the production of keratin. Organic Arugula helps stimulate the hair bulb, promoting hair growth. Organic Blueberry activates the microcirculation of the scalp.

For increased effectiveness, this formula is supplemented by a trio of organic buds: Oak, White Elm, Blackcurrant.

*Arugula helps stimulate the hair bulb, promoting hair growth.

- 1 SOI PARIS CHOUCHOU : A superb Pink Nightbird scrunchie from the responsible ready-to-wear brand, Soi Paris. Oeko-Tex® certified textile and exclusive print (All Soi Paris patterns are designed and developed by hand by Julia with love and know-how).



INGREDIENTS: organic glucose syrup** - organic cane sugar** - natural organic raspberry flavor** - dry extract of organic arugula leaf** (Eruca vesicaria L. Cav.) - gelling agent: pectin - acidifier: acid citric - glycerinated macerate of Organic pedunculate oak bud** (Quercus robur L.), glycerinated macerate of Organic blackcurrant leaf bud** (Ribes nigrum L.), glycerinated macerate of Organic white elm bud** ( Ulmus glabra Huds.) - concentrated organic purple carrot juice** - dry extract of organic blueberry fruit** (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) - dry extract of organic nettle leaf** (Urtica dioica L.) - acidifier: sodium citrate - coating agent: organic carnauba wax**

**Ingredients from organic farming

Box of 60 gummies - net weight 150g


MATERIAL: 100% satin viscose Oeko-Tex

Sublime Organic Hair Gummies Box x Soi Paris

Take 2 gummies per day.

Did you know ?
All our formulas are completed with a trio of organic buds.

What is Gemmo?
Gemmo is a branch of phyto which uses plant buds. True elixirs, our buds are a concentrate of all the natural active ingredients of the plant (totum). So it’s concentrated phyto !

Organic Santarome Buds:
Harvested by hand, the buds used are fresh, organic and wild . We always combine them by 3 (Tri-complex) in order to act on the general balance of the body. Santarome Bio bud macerates are prepared according to Dr Pol Henry's method: maceration for 21 days in a mixture of 1/3 water + 1/3 alcohol + 1/3 glycerin.

This food supplement should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of young children. Not recommended for children under 12 years old, pregnant or breastfeeding women. Store in a cool, dry place, away from light, heat and humidity.

Sublime Organic Hair Gummies Box x Soi Paris


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Myriam Krid
Des top cheveux

Très bien, je recommande à tout mon entourage.
J'ai testé cette cure il y a quelques mois et je l'ai trouvé très efficace.

Mihaela Bontidean
Bonne qualité

J'aime beaucoup et c'est efficace.

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