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Everything you need to know about gemmotherapy

Write the 28/09/2023 by Santarome Bio

Natural medicine is constantly evolving, and among its most interesting facets are organic buds and gemmotherapy . If these words are new to you, Santarome Bio explains in detail these approaches and their importance in improving well-being.


The origins and principles of gemmotherapy

Gemmotherapy is a natural treatment method based on the use of embryonic plant tissues (plants, trees and shrubs), also called organic buds. This therapeutic approach has ancient roots, dating back to the time of the famous Abbot Künzle. However, it was Dr. Pol Henry, a Belgian physician, who popularized what was called “phytembryotherapy” during the 20th century. He put forward the idea that the embryonic tissues of plants have a maximum concentration of active ingredients, making them extremely powerful in regulating or supporting certain failing functions of the body.

Other notable figures have contributed to the evolution of gemmotherapy. Dr. Max Tétau, a French homeopathic doctor and phytotherapist, also popularized this treatment method in France in the 1970s, renaming it “gemmotherapy”.

The basics of gemmotherapy: glycerin extracts and active ingredients

The process of producing glycerin extracts is at the heart of gemmotherapy. This is a method of gentle maceration of organic buds in a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerin. This process allows the active ingredients to be extracted without altering their therapeutic potential. Glycerin extracts are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and plant hormones, and offer a range of health benefits.

The benefits of plant active ingredients are numerous. They act in synergy with the human body, supporting various systems and functions:

  • Improved vitality,

  • Strengthening the immune system,

  • Detoxification of the body,

  • Cardiovascular health,

  • Digestive support,

  • Hormonal balance,

  • weight management,

  • Improved skin,

  • Prevention of certain pathologies

Featured plant buds

To better understand gemmotherapy, you need to know what a bud is. The buds are the most active parts of the plant . They contain concentrated amounts of phytohormones, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds. Due to their developmental stage, the buds are also free of toxins or impurities that can sometimes be found in other parts of the plant. Among the popular buds, three stand out:

  • Alder: Drainage and vitality

Alder is recognized for its role in draining toxins from the body. By promoting drainage, it helps the body get rid of waste and unwanted substances, which can improve skin quality, reduce the feeling of heavy legs, and stimulate renal elimination.

The Ultra Detox Organic Program in ampoules from Santarome combines blackcurrant with other natural ingredients to detoxify and remineralize the body.


  • Blackcurrant: Immune system and joints

The blackcurrant bud is a star of gemmotherapy. Rich in vitamin C, it is a valuable ally for strengthening the body's natural defenses. Blackcurrant is also renowned for its anti-inflammatory action, and thanks to its regenerating properties, it can improve joint mobility and relieve pain, for better daily comfort.

Supplemented by a trio of organic buds (Blackcurrant, Rosehip and Alder), Organic Manuka Honey Pollen Propolis Royal Jelly fights against colds and tightness in the throat, while providing energy and vitality.


  • Birch: Detoxification and balance

Birch acts as a true natural purifier. Its ability to stimulate renal elimination makes it an excellent choice for those who wish to begin a detoxification treatment or maintain optimal internal balance.

Organic birch sap from Santarome is a natural organic food supplement ideal for detoxifying, remineralizing and deeply revitalizing!

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