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What is the best food supplement for hair growth?

Write the 14/03/2022 by Santarome Bio

Do you find that your hair lacks shine and thickness? Do you want them to grow faster? Food supplements can be valuable allies and significantly accelerate the growth of your hair. Focus on effective food supplements for hair growth.

Santarome Bio gummies, the best* food supplement for hair growth

You don't know what to do with your hair anymore? Do you find them too brittle, not thick enough, or do you feel that they lack shine? 100% plant-based organic food supplements can restore vibrant health to your hair.

*According to customer reviews.

The hair gummies are composed of a trio of plants whose benefits are no longer in doubt:

  1. Organic nettles to help stimulate keratin production. These plants, rich in vitamins and minerals, give shine to dull hair.
  2. Arugula to help stimulate the hair bulb in order to make your hair grow faster. This plant is known to promote good hair health thanks to its high content of antioxidants and vitamins K and B9. Plus, it adapts to all hair types!
  3. Blueberry to help activate the microcirculation of your scalp. This fruit is a great source of vitamin, but is also rich in antioxidants. Everything your hair needs to look healthy and vibrant!

In order to obtain greater effectiveness, the formula of Santarome Bio hair gummies is supplemented by a trio of buds: oak, white elm and blackcurrant.

Furthermore, let us point out that these entirely organic beauty food supplements are designed with respect for the environment. Our products are vegan and made in France.

Take two gummies a day for at least a month and you will quickly see the benefits they can bring you.


Brewer's yeast, a valuable ally for hair growth

Brewer's yeast, the best ally for healthy hair? This micro-organism, which is actually a fungus (called saccharomyces cerevisiae), will provide multiple benefits to your hair by making it stronger and shinier.

But that's not all, brewer's yeast also takes care of your health by boosting your immune system and helping to strengthen your intestinal flora. In addition, don't forget to use your hair gummies for greater results.

Brewer's yeast is thus a microorganism composed of:


Of minerals,

Vitamins . It is also its high vitamin B content that helps you keep your hair so healthy.

All these elements act in synergy to maintain both your health and the beauty of your hair. Brewer's yeast helps your hair grow faster and healthier (it is softer and shinier).

There are food supplements based on brewer's yeast in capsule or tablet form. It is recommended to take a treatment every year for three months to properly benefit from these benefits. It is entirely possible to supplement your hair gummies.

Brewer's yeast also exists in the form of flakes, which allows you to incorporate them in small quantities into all your dishes when cooking throughout the year.

The reputation of brewer's yeast is well established and is often recommended as a food supplement for hair growth.

The best vitamins for hair growth

For healthy hair, certain vitamins can be valuable allies. Let's cite a few:

  1. Vitamin A, which you will find in particular in mangoes and carrots
  2. Vitamin B5, found in organ meats, mushrooms and seeds
  3. Vitamin B6, contained among others in salmon, tuna and bananas
  4. Vitamin E, a good excuse to gorge yourself on peanuts as an aperitif.

To regain healthy-looking hair and make it grow visibly, integrating food supplements like gummies into your hair routine can be an effective solution.


Adapt your diet

A balanced, nutrient-rich diet is essential to boost your hair growth.

Protein is one of the key elements in stimulating your hair growth. Indeed, the latter are mainly made up of proteins, so it is essential to consume enough of them to maintain their health and growth. Meat, fish, eggs, legumes and nuts, there is something for all tastes and desires!

But that's not all ! Omega-3 fatty acids are also essential for healthy hair. They nourish the scalp and hair follicles, thereby promoting healthy and vigorous growth of your hair. Oily fish, nuts, seeds and avocados, include them in your diet now to benefit from all their benefits.

Finally, zinc is also a great ally for healthy, glowing hair. This mineral helps maintain the production of keratin, a key component of your hair. Seafood, legumes and nuts are preferred sources of zinc.

By incorporating these foods into your diet, you can promote healthy and strong hair growth. So, don't wait any longer to treat yourself by cooking delicious dishes that are good for your hair! And don't forget to hydrate yourself well to enhance the effect of these foods on your hair.

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