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The benefits of marine magnesium

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The modern pace of life can be overwhelming, leading to stress, anxiety and fatigue. Fortunately, nature offers a solution: marine magnesium. Coming from seawater, marine magnesium is an excellent food supplement to help reduce stress and improve general well-being.

Marine magnesium benefits

What is marine magnesium?

Marine magnesium is a mineral naturally found in seawater, rich in magnesium chloride and other minerals. It is found in the form of powder, capsules or ampoules to dissolve in water.

Difference between marine magnesium and conventional magnesium

Marine magnesium is distinguished from "classic" magnesium by its origin: extracted from seawater, it offers a unique mineral composition (unlike magnesium of terrestrial origin), with minerals naturally present in seawater. , such as chloride, sulfate and potassium.

Is marine magnesium more effective?

In addition to this difference in origin, marine magnesium is often observed:

  • Better absorption : thanks to its composition of various magnesium salts, marine magnesium is better absorbed by the intestine than classic forms.

  • Increased digestive tolerance : Marine magnesium is generally less likely to cause digestive upsets like diarrhea, compared to other forms of magnesium.

  • Variable elemental magnesium content : the concentration of pure magnesium may differ between marine magnesium and conventional forms, depending on the source and method of manufacture.

Is marine magnesium effective for magnesium deficiency?

Like any form of magnesium, marine magnesium can be useful in cases of magnesium deficiency. If you suspect a magnesium deficiency, it is important to consult a healthcare professional to obtain an accurate diagnosis and individualized advice on the magnesium supplementation best suited to your needs.

Marine magnesium benefits

5 benefits of marine magnesium on the body

Marine magnesium is a food supplement with multiple benefits for the body.

  • Fatigue and lack of energy : sufficient magnesium intake helps reduce physical and mental fatigue, improve endurance and promote muscle toning.

  • Stress and anxiety : Magnesium has relaxing properties that help calm the central nervous system. It thus helps to reduce stress, anxiety and sleep disorders linked to stress.

  • Quality of sleep : magnesium allows you to fall asleep more easily, enjoy deeper and more restful sleep, and wake up more rested.

  • Muscle function and recovery : Magnesium is also essential for healthy muscle function and the prevention of muscle cramps. It plays a key role in muscle recovery after physical exercise.

  • Strengthening the immune system : magnesium contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells and strengthening the body's natural defenses.

How to benefit from the benefits of marine magnesium?

Marine magnesium is available in different forms:

  • Tablets : Easy to swallow and transport, marine magnesium tablets provide a precise dose of magnesium.

  • Capsules : soluble in the stomach, marine magnesium capsules allow rapid absorption of magnesium.

  • Ampoules : practical and ready to use, marine magnesium ampoules provide a concentrated dose of magnesium.

Food supplements based on magnesium at Santarome

For renewed energy and better stress management, find our food supplements based on marine magnesium, enriched with vitamin B6! Discover Marine Magnesium in Extra Strength tablets from Santarome now.

What dosage for Santarome marine magnesium?

The recommended dosage for marine magnesium from Santarome is 1 tablet per day in the morning during a meal for Marine Magnesium 360.

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