Organic Santarome Buds

Gemmo is interested in buds and young shoots, because they are the embryos of plants. They concentrate the active ingredients which will then be found in certain parts of the mature plant. Gemmo is therefore a “concentrated phyto”!


The Bud, Embryo of the Plant

The word Gemmo comes from the Latin gemmae, which means both “bud” and “precious stone”. It reflects the exceptional richness of the buds and of what can be extracted from it. The very nature of the bud makes it a a real concentrate of benefits. Embryonic structure of the plant, this one has all the genetic heritage and can on its own contribute to the development of branches, flowers, fruits or roots. We call Totum this complex and synergistic set of molecules which make the bud a concentrate of active ingredients.


The Benefits of the Bud

Gemmo helps to rebalance, strengthen and stimulate the body. It's the Doctor Pol Henry who highlighted the active power of buds, in the 1960s. According to his research, the bud contains all the vital energy of the plant and all of its properties. He would therefore have a wider sphere of action. Doctor Pol Henry has developed a concentrated maceration method: 21 days in a mixture composed of: ⅓ of water to dissolve vitamins, flavonoids, mineral salts, tannins and water-soluble active ingredients ⅓ vegetable glycerin to dissolve waxes, phenols, essential oils, flavonoids and gums ⅓ of alcohol to dissolve alkaloids, glycoside acids, glucosides and vitamins

Organic Santarome Buds

A true elixir of the plant, we combine the buds with our products for increased efficiency. Respecting the principles of the method of Doctor Pol Henry, we select our buds to guarantee optimal quality of our products. Thus, our buds are guaranteed: COSTS, ORGANIC, in accordance with the regulations in force on the organic production method HAND PICKED in France Experts in Gemmo for over 15 years, we have integrated all the effectiveness of buds into our ampoules and our dry forms.