Herbal medicine according to Santarome Bio

Herbal teas, food supplements, ampoules, medicines... Phyto covers a particularly wide and varied range of practices. Organic Phyto is at the heart of Santarome Bio's DNA.

The plants used in our products are guaranteed to be organic, vegan, pesticide-free and chemical-free.

What is Phyto?

Organic Phyto

Derived from the Greek word Phyton (plant), the term "Phyto" refers to the use of plants and plant extracts for their benefits on the human body. This practice is based on a natural approach to treatment, but requires a great deal of knowledge of the plant world to be truly effective.

La Phyto is concerned with the body as a whole and helps to relieve everyday ailments while helping the body to regain its balance, which is often damaged by stress, pollution, the cold or overeating.

Phyto is conceived as an accompaniment: used to anticipate or to respond to a particular problem, it has a long-term action .

Care and well-being through plants

A concentrate of natural active ingredients

Phyto is a rigorous discipline, which requires in-depth know-how. The development of a formula requires a perfect knowledge of the plants, but also of the possible synergies to potentiate their effects as well as the right dosage.

The quality of the plants also comes into play: it is absolutely essential to use plants that are free of controversial chemicals.

For more than 35 years, Santarome Bio has been developing organic and natural health and well-being products to accompany you in your daily life and to take care of you.

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