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Are hair growth gummies effective?

Write the 12/01/2022 by Santarome Bio

Do you know gummies ? These food supplements in the form of chewing gum are experiencing growing success. To promote hair growth in a natural and “hair friendly” way , gummies are an excellent daily ally.

Focus on gummies specialized in hair growth.

What ingredients are in hair growth gummies?

THE Hair gummies contributing to better hair growth contain, depending on the composition, numerous vitamins such as calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5), biotin (vitamin B8), and cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12). This product, highly concentrated in vitamins , helps strengthen the hair fiber from the root of the bulb to the ends. By consuming it, we limit hair loss, treat split ends and protect hair from daily external aggressions such as pollution, the sun or chlorinated swimming pool water. No more “hair problems”!


The small gums from the Santarome Bio brand have the specificity of being composed exclusively from organic plants . No synthetic vitamins in our products, we only sell completely natural products. We find :

- organic arugula extract : In addition to participating in the stimulation of the hair bulb, and promoting hair growth, arugula also contains many other elements: Calcium, Vitamin B5, B9, C and K, iron , magnesium, selenium, antioxidants and glucosinolates (compounds with anti-cancer properties)

- organic blueberry : rich in vitamin C, blueberry helps give strength and thickness to your hair . It improves microcirculation and stimulates the scalp.

- organic nettle : consisting mainly of vitamins C, B5, B9, B2, A, nettle is a natural hair strengthener.

- several bud macerates (pedunculate oak, blackcurrant, and white elm): macerates are a perfect ally in the event of hair loss, or even simply if your hair is losing strength and thickness.

But this amazing product also contains pectin as a gelling agent, which allows our gummies to be 100% vegan, citric acid and zinc and sodium citrate as an acidifying agent, and carnauba wax as a coating agent. And for taste, natural raspberry flavor. Of course all these ingredients are organic and 100% plant-based, with no artificial colors!

These ingredients both stimulate the production of keratin and activate the microcirculation of the scalp. Hair therefore grows better and faster .

User opinions are unanimous: in addition to being delicious, gummies are really effective for hair growth. A treatment of a few months is enough to see visible results.

How to use gummies for hair growth?

Here are some tips for using hair gummies , in order to follow a treatment correctly.

● How many gummies should you take per day? For a 3 month treatment, it is recommended to take 2 gummies per day. It is a food supplement, which should not replace a varied and balanced meal.

● At what time of day should you take hair gummies? There is no specific time to take your gummies, but why not in the morning with your breakfast? Just chew them, without the need for a glass of water. They are therefore easy and practical to take with you. The natural raspberry taste of this friendly organic product is very pleasant!

● Are there any contraindications to taking products such as hair gummies? Yes, these vitamin gummies are not recommended for children under 12 years old, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women.

● How long does a course of gummies last? A complete course of gummies lasts 3 months, in order to obtain optimal results. You will therefore need 3 boxes of hair gummies to complete a complete treatment. However, you will be able to start seeing the first results from your first month of treatment.


Are gummies effective on all hair types?

Are you probably wondering about the effectiveness of these chewing gums? Here are some answers.

● Are gummies effective on frizzy hair?

Yes, hair gummies are effective in stimulating the growth of any type of hair, straight, curly, frizzy or frizzy.

● Are gummies effective for hair loss?

Indeed, hair gummies stimulate the scalp, which slows down hair loss. In addition, hair is stronger and shinier. They are therefore ideal in the case of hair loss.

Chewing gums are very effective for all types of hair problems. The first results are visible after a month of treatment, and are optimal at 3 months, with long-term effects for the scalp and hair.

Santarome Bio, the ideal brand for a gummie cure

Santarome Bio is the first organic and vegan brand on the French market to launch chewing gum . Its products are pesticide-free, GMO-free, chemical-free and synthetic vitamin-free. These small round gums with a good natural raspberry taste are healthy products, with a composition developed by doctors and naturopaths, and very effective! They fit effortlessly into a daily beauty routine.

Santarome Organic Sublime Hair Gummies contain little sugar: for 2 hair gummies, the recommended daily dose, there is only one gram of sugar and 17 kcal. This is equivalent to a quarter of an apple or half an apricot. These are therefore organic food supplements with little sugar.

Gummies are therefore very effective in supporting hair growth, but they also have other benefits: we find gummies to regain energy, relax, sleep better, detox, or even boost your immune system. . Several treatments can be carried out at the same time, so don't hesitate to take the plunge, in order to feel better in your body!

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