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The benefits of detox

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Why does the body need to detoxify?

Let's start by taking stock of the situation... In 50 years, our eating habits have evolved more than in previous centuries. New foods have appeared, while others have deserted our plates. This trend is observed in all industrialized countries, it goes hand in hand with technological development. But this change in our lifestyles does not only bring good things!

80% of our food is of industrial origin, and its nutritional intake has deteriorated: depleted refined foods, presence of preservatives, explosion of saturated fats and sugars, pollution from chemical fertilizers.

Add to this an overabundance of food and recurring stress, and we see an explosive cocktail that puts our body to the test. It must deal with an accumulation of toxins which hinder its functioning.

Weight gain, difficult digestion, loss of energy, stress are all signs that the body is in great need of a DETOX CURE.

Let's take care of our bodies!

Our body is not completely helpless in the face of excess toxins. It is even endowed with a fabulous power of regeneration thanks to its emunctory organs: the liver, kidneys, skin, intestines, lungs.

These organs are responsible for eliminating external and internal toxins to regulate the functioning of our body.

1. The liver: it filters impurities from the blood which it eliminates towards the kidneys (production of urine). We don't always think about it, but the liver is a vital organ.

2. The kidneys: they evacuate toxins eliminated from the blood via urine.

3. The intestines: essential players in digestion, they assimilate nutrients (vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins) while expelling waste and toxins.

4. The skin: it rejects toxins via the sweat glands (sweat) and the sebaceous glands (sebum).

5. the lungs: exhale the CO2 produced by the body and filter the inspired air.

These purifying agents remain fragile, and our modern life unbalances their mechanism. Faced with an overflow of toxins, our emunctories become saturated...

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It's time to detox!

The principle is simple: detox consists of relieving the elimination organs so that they regain optimal functioning. The body feels “lightened”, it regains its vitality and increases its resistance. In the end, doing a detox is like recharging your batteries! General balance provides a feeling of general calm: less sensitive to stress, we regain self-confidence.

Finally, detox is also good for morale: good mood, luminous complexion, radiant hair reflect general well-being.

Detox: natural solutions

A guarantee of a better lifestyle, detox is part of a global approach. So before rushing headlong, take the time to reorganize your diet! Among the habits to adopt, we note good hydration (1.5 liters of water per day), the choice of seasonal fruits and vegetables, the preference for whole grains and white meats.

Then, rather than opting for restrictive diets (e.g. fasting, souping, juicing, etc.) which unbalance the body and generate deficiencies, we can favor the use of plants to help stimulate the emunctories and promote overall well-being of the body.

The plant world is full of active ingredients of natural origin that Phyto and Gemmo restore to us in synergy... but it is not always easy to find our way!

Here are the basics to successfully carry out your detox:

Dandelion and Ash : known to help stimulate the kidneys and promote urine production, they also help eliminate excess water when you retain water.

Burdock : used to soothe skin conditions, Burdock facilitates the elimination of toxins through sweat.

Rosemary: often used by smokers, Rosemary is the reference plant for relieving ENT disorders.

When to do a detox? The two major seasonal changes, Spring and Autumn, are ideal periods for draining and detoxifying your body . This allows you to respect your biological clock, and to support the body during these months synonymous with generalized fatigue. However, a drop in tone, repeated digestive disorders, weight gain or a bad appearance should alert us to the state of saturation of our emunctory organs. This often happens after the end of year holidays, or after prolonged overeating.

Then think about active ingredients of natural origin to help you provide the “boost” that will make you bounce back!

Saffron, a spice with relaxing properties

Nicknamed “red gold”, saffron is a soothing spice which contributes to well-being and contributes to relaxation . This spice extracted from the Crocus sativus plant helps reduce nervousness . It preserves good emotional balance and a positive mood. Its relaxing effect helps reduce sleep disorders associated with anxiety. Indeed, saffron has proven effective against stress and low morale. Supplementing with 15.5 mg per day of saffron provides better quality sleep and faster falling asleep, according to a recent study.(1)

Its benefits don't stop there! Some stressed people also experience episodes of compulsive snacking. Saffron can then help reduce these sweet cravings as part of a slimming program.

Hawthorn, to help calm the nerves

Organic hawthorn ( Crataegus oxyacantha ) is useful in managing stress. By reducing nervousness and reducing agitation, it allows you to effectively fall asleep.

It is generally the bud of the plant that is used. We then speak of gemmotherapy, when we use the embryonic tissues of plants. The buds have the advantage of being highly concentrated of all the natural active ingredients of the plant.

Chamomile, a sedative and soothing flower

Acting favorably on the nervous system, this flower with its beautiful yellow and white flowers is known to contribute to optimal relaxation. His prowess? Nervous and muscular relaxation, and good sleep. Indeed, sleep disorders, such as difficulty falling asleep, can appear when our nerves are put to the test. By helping with relaxation before night, chamomile improves the quality of sleep .

Recognized for their virtues, these sedative plants appear to be natural and effective solutions for finding calm. They help to sustainably improve the inconveniences linked to stress. Anti-stress plant-based food supplements are useful when stress invades our daily lives, accompanied by good lifestyle habits .

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(1) Barbara D Pachikian, Sylvie Copine, Marlène Suchareau, Louise Deldicque. Effects of Saffron Extract on Sleep Quality: A Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Clinical Trial. Nutrients. 2021 Apr 27;13(5):1473. doi:10.3390/nu13051473. PMID: 33925432; PMCID: PMC8145009.

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