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5 detox drinks to cleanse your liver

Write the 02/03/2022 by Santarome Bio

Do you want to rid your body of toxins accumulated during the holidays? Good news, detox drinks can help you cleanse your liver. Here are examples of effective detox drinks.

Why clean your liver?

The liver is one of the main organs of the human body and is essential for the digestive system, in conjunction with the intestines. In principle, the liver is an autonomous organ that self-regulates on its own, but certain dietary excesses can damage it and slow down the functioning of your body.

Cleansing your liver aims to:

  1. Eliminate nutrients and vitamins,

  2. Filter toxins and blood to evacuate harmful everyday substances: malnutrition, cigarette consumption, etc.

  3. Promote and fluidify digestion,

  4. To improve your body.

When the liver manifests itself: symptoms to know

Certain symptoms indicate liver problems:

  1. Chronic fatigue,

  2. Headache,

  3. Digestive problems and acid reflux,

  4. Skin problems,

  5. Low immune defense,

  6. Transit problem,

  7. Swelling and bloating,

  8. Bad breath,

  9. Obesity, overweight,

  10. Craving something sweet,

  11. Yellowish skin.

These symptoms can already give you an idea of ​​the condition of your liver. In this situation, a liver cleanse is strongly recommended.

Liver detoxification is a process of thoroughly cleansing this organ by removing waste and toxins that have accumulated due to excess food and other factors.

When to detox your liver?

The ideal time to do a liver detox is recommended at the beginning of spring. During winter, the human body stores bad fats and prevents them from being completely evacuated, especially after the holiday season, a detox is therefore welcome during this period. The cures can also be adapted according to your needs, but you should not overuse them. Performing a liver detox can help improve digestion issues, increase energy, and improve sleep quality.

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Artichoke and black radish drinks

Artichoke and black radish are both go-to foods when considering liver detoxification. There are also many organic food supplements on the market composed of these two plants. Santarome Bio offers to carry out a cure based on organic liver detox ampoules exclusively composed of organic plants.

These two plants are fundamental for detoxifying your liver and regaining optimal intestinal comfort. They each bring several benefits:

  1. The artichoke is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, making it an ideal food to help cleanse the liver.

  2. Black radish promotes the elimination of toxins in the liver thanks to its draining action. This is possible because it promotes the secretion of bile and stimulates its production. Bile makes it possible to evacuate certain waste produced by the body but also to detoxify it (alcohol, medications, etc.).

Liver detox ampoules are the ideal remedy to alleviate your digestive problems.

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