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The 4 best periods for a successful Gummies Detox Cure

Write the 01/08/2022 by Santarome Bio

You feel tired, you have difficulty digesting, you have gained a few extra pounds, you want to cleanse your body of all the accumulated waste?

A detox cure will certainly do you the greatest good.

By freeing the body of its toxins and streamlining transit, detox food supplements provide real benefits to the body.

Among the food supplements, the most fun and easy to use are undoubtedly gummies.

These delicious fruit-flavored chewing gums contain remarkably effective active ingredients.

Gummies are therefore valuable allies for carrying out an effective detox treatment !

What are the best times to successfully complete your detox gummie treatment? We tell you everything in this article.

Lemon detox

A detox gummies cure in spring

Winter is often synonymous with accumulated toxins: fatty food to combat the cold, excessive partying, etc. Furthermore, in winter, we often follow a more sedentary lifestyle, where sporting activities slow down. However, physical efforts allow us to naturally eliminate toxins.

You have understood: in winter, toxins accumulate, because the organs responsible for their elimination can no longer fully carry out their task. This is why spring is the season most often chosen to undertake a detox cure .

To complete your detox gummies treatment in spring , we invite you to adopt a healthy lifestyle:

  • Consume as many seasonal vegetables as possible: celery, endive, carrots, beets... Stock up on vitamins, your body will be grateful to you!
  • Favor physical exercises as much as possible, even light ones. Take advantage of the return of sunny days to make as many trips as possible on foot.

A detox gummies cure in the fall 🍂

Spring is the most traditional season to implement a detox treatment . However, fall can also be a perfectly suitable season. To get back to school on the right foot after a well-deserved vacation, a course of detox gummies can be very useful. By allowing you to eliminate the few excesses of summer aperitifs, an autumn detox cure will allow you to feel more rested and in shape.

Back to school being the time for good resolutions, it's time to put in place good habits: going to work by bike, avoiding alcohol especially during the week, joining a swimming pool or a gym, etc. 'offer a sauna session...

Regarding your eating habits, avoid compensating for back-to-school stress by snacking outside of meals: your efforts would be wasted! Opt for seasonal vegetables, they are delicious allies for a detox cure: squash, carrots, cabbage, black radishes…

A course of detox gummies will allow you to face drops in temperature without fear. The gummies are in fact made up of different plants with many detox properties:

  • Dandelion: used for over a thousand years for its influence on the liver, kidneys and gallbladder, dandelion has been the subject of numerous clinical studies which have highlighted its detoxifying properties.
  • Burdock: anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, burdock stimulates liver function: toxins are more easily eliminated through urine.
  • Birch: it promotes drainage and stimulates the elimination of toxins.

A detox cure at the beginning of January

Winter is a less usual season to undertake a detox treatment . However, it can be very relevant to consider this season for your treatment: in winter, to fight against the cold, it is customary to consume richer and more abundant foods. Excesses which tire the body and make the emunctory organs (liver, kidneys, etc.) work excessively. Your body tires more quickly and is prey to microbes. This is why a detox cure in winter can be a wise project.

For your detox gummies treatment to fully serve its purpose, it is best to set up an active rhythm: put on your sneakers and face the cold by taking a few strides, get into the habit of doing a few stretching movements every morning waking up... by stimulating your body on a daily basis, you will promote natural cleansing of your body and the elimination of unnecessary toxins.

In terms of food, cabbage, the winter vegetable par excellence, is a fantastic detox ally. Eat raw to stock up on vitamins!

A detox cure at any time of the year

A detox cure is a project that can be useful at any time of the year. Be careful, however: a treatment that lasts too long can have side effects. A cure for gummies must therefore be carried out with some caution. We advise you to read the instructions carefully and respect the dosage.

Detox gummies are not recommended for children under the age of twelve.

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