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How to find or regain your full vitality?

Write the 08/12/2021 by Santarome Bio

By definition, vitality encompasses all the characteristics through which life manifests itself. It is also synonymous with energy and endurance.

However, today, many factors reduce our vitality and we often complain of “sluggishness”, fatigue and lack of energy.

How to find or regain your full vitality? Here are 4 tips to follow now!

Focus on vitamins

It's not only in fruits that we find vitamins !

We all consume various foods without knowing the benefits they really generate for our body. Provided in small quantities, vitamins are essential. In cases of fatigue, vitamin B is necessary for energy production; it is she who promotes nerve impulses and growth. It is found in cereal and dairy products, legumes, poultry and eggs in particular. Note also that vitamin C has antioxidant properties which promote the protection of our body.

Did you know ? Acerola is one of the foods richest in natural vitamin C. We have combined it with Royal Jelly, Guarana and Ginseng to help you stay dynamic(1) and avoid fatigue!

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Some exercice

To feel light!

In a period of fatigue, the slightest effort seems insurmountable. However, in certain cases, a bit of exercise can be a remedy to regain your vitality! Activities such as swimming, walking, yoga or even muscle strengthening can give you a new form of energy.

Indeed, physical activity promotes the production of hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, etc. They promote well-being, relaxation, and help reduce our stress level. However, there is no point in pushing too hard! These so-called “gentle” activities must be adapted to your abilities.

Between us, how many times have we allowed ourselves to be lulled by a lack of motivation when our body needed it? So don't wait any longer, your body needs to move!

Dare to rest

Lack of vitality is due to fatigue

Dare to rest! In most cases, lack of vitality is due to fatigue. Lack of sleep, too intense activities, low morale... Fatigue is the result of many daily inconveniences. But whether it is physical, moral or temporary, the first remedy is called RE-POS!

Putting your body on “stand by” for a few minutes, hours or a few days can only do you the greatest good. Know how to listen to your body and it will listen to you! If you have trouble falling asleep, try natural and non-addictive solutions based on Melatonin, a hormone secreted by the body which acts on the “wake-sleep” cycle.

Please note, rest does not imply opting for a sedentary lifestyle! Slow down without stopping...

Nourish your body...

...and his spirit

We never say it enough, but nutrition is the key to a healthy body. At the first signs of fatigue, you should question your way of eating. Indeed, foods that are too fatty, too sweet, too salty or not rich in fiber and vitamins will have direct repercussions on your body and your energy will tend to decrease.

A diet that is too rich also influences your moods: fatigue, aggression, stress... This is why it is recommended to vary it as much as possible so that your body but also your mind stay in great shape! A balanced diet brings many benefits, including increased energy.

It is also important to eat at regular times in order to create a routine that is favorable to our digestive system.

What if you stocked up on magnesium?

This mineral salt plays a major role in our body. It is notably involved in the production of energy by cells and the regulation of heart rate.

Our Marine Magnesium 300 combines 300 mg of marine Magnesium (i.e. 80% of the reference intake) and 2 mg of Vitamin B6 (i.e. 143% of the reference intake) to help reduce fatigue and stress(2). thing... The drop in energy serves as a warning to inform us that our body deserves more diligent and particular attention over a certain period...Vitality is harvested and maintained every day through a lifestyle healthy… it’s up to you!

(1) Ginseng helps in cases of fatigue to support the vitality of the body. It also helps maintain optimal resistance.

(2) Magnesium contributes to reducing fatigue, normal functioning of the nervous system and normal muscle function. Vitamin B6 contributes to normal energy metabolism.

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