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Gummies vs classic food supplements: what are the differences?

Write the 01/04/2022 by Santarome Bio

In recent years, gummies have become a real reference in the field of food supplements. These delicious chewing gums are used for many purposes: accelerating hair growth, promoting digestion, improving the quality of sleep, etc. What are the specific features of gummies compared to other food supplements? Discover all the differences between gummies and classic food supplements.

What are the other food supplements?

Food supplements are foods that help to avoid certain deficiencies and meet specific needs.

-Hair growth


-Liver well-being

-Fatigue, sleep problems

-Liver problems

-Problems with concentration and memory…

Very strictly regulated by legislation, food supplements do not replace medications but their beneficial effect is proven: they are sold in pharmacies or online.

They are found in different formats, including:



👉Capsules and tablets

A course of food supplements lasts approximately one month. Dosages vary depending on the products.

Are gummies as effective as other food supplements?

The ingredients that make gummies effective are the same as those of other food supplements: they are essentially plants. Indeed, at Santarome Bio, we only include natural ingredients in our food supplements. Our gummies are 100% organic and vegan, and perfectly natural.

The plants integrated into the gummies vary depending on the objective:

👉 Sommei l gummies, for example, are made from three organic plants: poppy, linden and chamomile. At Santarome Bio, to increase the relaxing effect of these food supplements, a trio of organic buds is also integrated into their composition: hawthorn, fig and lime. Enough to ensure full and relaxing nights.

👉 The hair gummies also contain three organic plants: nettle, arugula and blueberry. The combined effects of these three plants have a proven effect on hair growth and health. By accelerating your keratin production and stimulating your hair bulb, a regular course of gummies brings undeniable benefits to your hair . You will quickly see the effects. Organic buds, the signature ingredient of Santarome Bio, also represent an essential part of our gummies: the hair gummies contain organic buds of oak, white orn and blackcurrant.

👉 Detox gummies contain extracts of birch, dandelion and burdock. By combining the effects of these three organic ingredients, you improve the elimination functions of your body. Our gummies combine the virtues of these plants and those of the three buds (birch, ash, blackcurrant), which makes these delicious food supplements your best allies for peaceful digestion.

Other forms of dietary supplements are available on the market. We can cite in particular

👉the light bulbs,

👉the capsules,



👉 the tablets.

The ingredients are the same as other food supplements, so their effect is similar.

This is why a large majority of users prefer gummies to other food supplements: in fact, these fun and friendly little gummies are increasingly renowned for their delicious aromas, their ease of use and their effectiveness.

Their fruit taste appeals to consumers, as does their elegant and modern packaging, and their recognized effect.

Gummies are easier to transport than other food supplements: at work, on vacation or at home, your gummies will follow you everywhere.

The advantage of this ease of use is obvious: while many users of “classic” food supplements have difficulty completing their treatment, consumers of gummies generally complete a complete treatment, which can therefore really be effective .

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Is the dosage of gummies the same as that of other food supplements?

Depending on the uses and functions of food supplements, their dosage may vary. Refer to the advice of your pharmacist and the advice given on the packaging of your supplements.

Ampoules: It is generally recommended to take one ampoule per day. Be careful not to extend the treatment beyond the indicated duration.

Tablets : they are generally consumed at a rate of one to two tablets per day, with meals.

Concerning gummies, for the cure to be effective it is recommended to consume two per day for two months. Here again, we recommend that you respect the indicated dosage. Also pay attention to the indications concerning the time of day when it is best to consume the gummies. So, sleep gummies are most effective if they are taken half an hour before bedtime.

Did you know ? It is possible, if you wish, to combine two courses of gummies with different functions.

In summary, if you have to choose between other forms of dietary supplements and gummies, it is entirely appropriate to choose the latter. Simpler and more pleasant to take than other supplements, they are just as effective and will bear fruit if you take them rigorously.

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