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Hair gummies: three tips for a successful treatment

Write the 28/04/2022 by Santarome Bio

Do you want to restore strength and shine to your hair ? Some natural methods exist and will allow you to have healthy hair in a few months. Among these natural methods, gummies have proven themselves: these food supplements with a delicious fruit flavor have a real impact on hair health . Find out how to make your gummies cure 100% effective!

Have a balanced diet

The causes of the poor condition of your hair can be varied. The problem can in fact be hormonal, but it can also be linked to external aggressions, or to poor lifestyle habits, particularly dietary ones.

This is why, for your hair gummies treatment to be fully effective, it is recommended to combine it with a suitable diet. A healthy and balanced diet is indeed necessary for the health of our hair.

Discover some ingredients known to improve the health of your hair, give it its shine and accelerate its growth.

Foods rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C is your hair's best ally. Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis. However, this protein is an excellent ally for the health of your hair. If you want to accelerate their growth, thicken or strengthen them, favor foods rich in vitamin C, you will restore strength and shine to your hair. Naturally antioxidant, vitamin C helps fight against external aggressions. If your hair is dry, brittle, or you notice unsightly split ends, a diet rich in vitamin C is essential! Finally, it boosts the synthesis of melanin, which slows down hair whitening.

Are you looking for ideas for foods rich in vitamin C to complete your hair gummies treatment? Here is a recipe for a delicious fruit juice that will do your hair a world of good and help give a real boost to your metabolism. Mix two oranges, a lemon, a little cinnamon and mint. A quick mixer and it's ready!


Foods rich in protein

Proteins are also elements that you absolutely must include in your diet, to boost the effectiveness of your hair gummies treatment. They are in fact necessary for the creation of a substance essential to the health of your hair: keratin. By promoting blood circulation, keratin stimulates the scalp. It is therefore a natural hair growth accelerator.

Here are some examples of foods rich in protein: meat of course, but also whole grains and dairy products. It's up to you to choose the foods that best suit your tastes and habits.


Foods rich in zinc

Like proteins, zinc is also a natural keratin booster. It allows certain amino acids to be assimilated more quickly, the influence of which on the health of your hair is indisputable. Zinc is also excellent for the skin and for healthy nails.

Furthermore, zinc is a producer of collagen, a necessary element to restore volume to your hair mass.

Zinc is found in particular in red meat, fish, and even eggs.


Be vigilant about the composition of shampoos

To strengthen your hair gummies treatment , it is essential to select your shampoo carefully. Not all shampoos are equal! Many contain toxic substances.

Avoid shampoos containing silicone

Shampoos enriched with silicone give the appearance of shine and luster to the hair. It can be tempting to turn to these cosmetics. However, silicone is very harmful in the medium term. It asphyxiates the hair, reduces its permeability to shampoos and dries it out. Hair becomes limp and difficult to comb.

It should be noted that a growing number of manufacturers have chosen to remove silicone from their products.

Avoid shampoos containing sulfate

Sulfates are surfactants that help give shampoo its foaming appearance. It is also the sulfates that emulsify impurities to clean the hair. Sulfates used regularly can have a drying and aggressive effect on the scalp. Shampoos that are too rich in sulfates therefore risk reducing the effect of your treatment.


Respect the indicated dose

For a fully effective gummie cure, the recommended dosage is two gummies per day for three months. These delicious gum balls with a sweet raspberry flavor are a fun and friendly cure.

You will be able to combine business with pleasure! It is common for users to notice the effects of their gummies treatment at the end of the first month.

If you follow these tips carefully, you put all the chances on your side so that your gummies cure is truly optimal.

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