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How to cleanse your liver naturally?

Write the 10/02/2023 by Santarome Bio

The liver is one of the organs essential for the proper functioning of the human body. It is this organ that filters toxins and ensures good digestion. Our liver is put to the test every day, particularly because of pollution, genetics, disturbed sleep, but above all because of an unbalanced diet or the overconsumption of certain foods such as alcohol. These factors lead to metabolism problems. The liver will thus store fats and this will damage bile, which is necessary for digestion. In addition to impacting your digestion, the liver affects your health and well-being. Diseases such as gout, diabetes and osteoarthritis are often linked to a damaged liver.

Several means can be undertaken to cleanse your liver naturally and regain balance.


Role of the liver in the digestive process  

The liver is the largest organ in the human body and is the essential element of the digestive system, along with the intestines. In principle, the liver self-regulates on its own; it is the only organ in the human body capable of doing so. However, a damaged liver will no longer be able to function independently. It has several roles:

  1. It stores certain nutrients and vitamins.
  2. It filters toxins and blood to get rid of bad substances linked to daily and eating habits.
  3. It produces bile: a yellowish liquid essential for digestion.
  4. It converts sugars into available sugars.

Its main role is therefore to filter and eliminate toxins . It is essential to the preservation of our health and it is for this reason that it is essential to maintain it in good health.

Symptoms of an engorged liver

In the event of a damaged liver, several factors come into play to determine whether you suffer from liver problems:

  1. Constant fatigue,
  2. Migraine,
  3. Digestive problems and acid reflux,
  4. Skin problems,
  5. Immune weakness,
  6. Constipation,
  7. Bloating,
  8. Bad breath,
  9. Overweight,
  10. Craving something sweet,
  11. Yellowish skin.

However, these symptoms only appear in cases of liver damage at a very high stage.

When to detox

A detox is the deep cleansing of the body through the elimination of wastes and toxins that have accumulated over time or during the winter period due to heavy diet and other factors. The accumulation of these toxins can cause inflammation of the liver and cause certain health problems such as osteoarthritis.

The best time to do a liver detox is generally recommended at the beginning of spring and the arrival of autumn. Indeed, the human body being at rest in winter stores food in fat cells. A detox will only reveal its benefits when the fat level is at its lowest. However, the cures can be adapted according to your needs but should not exceed 2 to 3 cures per year. Detoxifying your liver has many benefits such as facilitating digestion, restoring energy or even restoring sleep.

Foods to favor

If your liver's metabolism decreases, it is necessary to adopt a series of foods that can relieve your organ. Several foods have properties that help resolve liver problems:

Artichoke : its properties are known to help and facilitate digestion, as well as improve blood circulation.

Dandelion : it is an excellent tonic for the liver.

Lemon : drinking a glass of lemon juice in the morning, on an empty stomach, gives your liver a boost by toning it and stimulates the production of enzymes and bile for better digestion. In addition to acting on your liver, it purifies the blood and regulates kidney function.

Black radish : it secretes and stimulates bile to evacuate towards the intestine.

Carrot juice promotes the elimination of toxins in order to avoid constipation disorders and thus ensures the proper functioning of the liver. Watermelon , like carrot juice, is gentle on the liver. In the same way, beets act on toxins and protect the liver from inflammation.

Turmeric activates the production of bile in the gallbladder which is directly connected to the liver. In infusion or diluted in the preparation of our meals, turmeric can be consumed in different ways.

Herbs like rosemary facilitate the destruction of waste by the liver and also allow the flow of bile.

Vegetables : broccoli, cauliflower; these vegetables limit the accumulation of fat that can interfere with the liver.

Other foods are also excellent remedies for cleansing your liver and deserve to be introduced into your diet, such as ginger, spinach, fennel and even apples.

Organic food supplements Santarome Bio  

To obtain an even more effective detox or if your liver is seriously damaged, Santarome Bio products are ideal to help you fight liver ailments.

Our Organic Liver well-being product brings together all the foods capable of eliminating liver problems and preventing the proliferation of toxins. Composed of dandelion, black radish and artichoke, waste from your body will be thoroughly eliminated.

For a lighter but equally formidable liver cleanse, our organic black radish artichoke range facilitates digestion and ensures the proper functioning of the liver.

Our desmodium products promote liver function.

To have a wider choice, the digestion ampoules pack brings together all the products for purifying your liver. Composed of organic liver well-being, desmodium and birch sap.

Organic rosemary drops help maintain digestion and support normal liver function.

Santarome's organic liver and digestion food supplements come in several forms to meet the needs of our customers: in ampoules, in capsules and tablets or even in buds, they will all aim to resolve your digestion problems.

Liver drainage: slimming method? 

The liver is the body's filtering organ, it is it which stores and destroys nutrients linked to our eating and daily habits linked for example to smoking. The liver is involved in the digestion of fats through bile. The destruction of these toxins thus helps with weight loss. A diet that is too rich will take longer for the liver to sort out than a balanced diet. In winter, the liver stores more toxins and if it self-regulates on its own, when it can no longer do so it leads to excess weight and prevents weight loss. 

Things to avoid and favor

For the cleansing of your liver to be optimal, it is necessary to adopt a certain behavior regarding your diet and to change certain bad habits. First of all, you must adopt a balanced diet; a diet that is too rich, too sweet and too fatty will have no impact on your drainage. Limit your alcohol consumption because it has a certain impact on your liver, as well as your consumption of red meats and cold meats by replacing them with white meats. Favor linseed and walnut oils and eliminate butter and sunflower oil which are richer. Reduce your consumption of sugars and industrial products, salt.

Certain options can be considered in order to regain a healthy liver, such as practicing regular physical and sporting activity. Yoga has notably demonstrated its benefits on the liver. Drinking plenty of water daily and sleeping at regular times will help your liver function properly.

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