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How do hair gummies strengthen and stimulate hair growth?

Write the 15/05/2023 by Santarome Bio

Hair is one of the first things you notice on a person. They reflect the general state of health. Certain practices such as coloring can damage your roots and make your hair dull and brittle. Other factors also illustrate this image: lack of care, poor eating and daily habits, iron and mineral deficiency, stress, etc. It is therefore important to take care of your hair.

Hair requires a certain number of vitamins and nutrients in order to keep the root and bulb healthy, and thus promote the growth and strengthening of hair. The lifespan of a hair follows a precise and limited cycle:

1st phase : anagen phase which is explained by the growth and growth of hair. It represents ¾ of the life of the hair.

2nd phase : the catagen phase which marks the end of growth.

3rd phase : the telogen phase which determines the loss of hair which is then replaced by another.


Hair gummies have now become a simple and effective method to combat hair loss and are suitable for all types of hair: short or long, fine or thick, colored or natural. This formula with the taste and shape of chewing gum has many active ingredients and nutrients that contribute to the strengthening and growth of your hair which are now sold in pharmacies.

There are several reasons to take hair gummies:

  1. dry and dull hair
  2. hair loss and hair loss
  3. brittle, split-end hair

Santarome Bio gummies are an excellent alternative to traditional food supplements . These products enriched with several active ingredients will stimulate your scalp.

The composition of Santarome Bio is rich in several elements:

  1. Organic nettle which stimulates the production of keratin. Nettles are a powerful generator responsible for the creation of keratin. Hair leather is made up of 95% of this substance which ensures shine and elasticity. During the anagen phase (hair growth and construction), keratin is constantly appearing.
  2. Arugula , its high content of erucic acid strengthens, beautifies the bulb of your hair and provides softness and thickness.
  3. Blueberry , well known for being an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, this fruit will accelerate hair growth.

Organic Santarome Bio gummies are complemented by a blend of oak, white elm and blackcurrant buds for overall synergy. All of these ingredients help to moisturize and revitalize the scalp. They also act on the growth and strength of nails.

Our gummies are 100% vegan and organic. Gluten-free and made in France, they accelerate growth, repair, strengthen and reveal the shine of all hair types. Plus they have a delicious raspberry flavor. After pregnancy, hair can become fragile and lose its density; Santarome Bio gummies can help stimulate hair growth. However, you should wait until your breastfeeding period is over because Sublime Organic Hair Gummies are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

For optimal results, we recommend 3 months of program, with 2 gummies per day. They are easy to chew, carry and store in a bag.

Thanks to Organic Santarome Gummies, say goodbye to brittle and damaged hair. Find our other ranges of skin and relaxation gummies. My Organic Cycle Gummies from Santarome Bio also help relieve menstrual cycle pain.

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