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Five reasons why gummies give you beautiful hair

Write the 09/05/2022 by Santarome Bio

Did you know ? 70% of women believe that the condition of their hair could be improved. Too dry or too oily, too thin or too thick, hair is often a source of discomfort. However, hair care products are often created using very chemical products whose consequences can be more harmful than beneficial. This is why gummies represent a coherent solution: entirely organic and natural, they restore strength and shine to the hair without damaging it . Concentrated in plants with recognized effects, they increase their effect tenfold thanks to a trio of organic buds with multiple virtues: Oak, White Elm, Blackcurrant. Find out why our gummies give beautiful hair.

Hair in great shape

Hair gummies stimulate keratin production

Santarome Bio hair gummies are rich in organic nettles, a plant that stimulates keratin.

This substance is absolutely necessary for good hair hold: our hair is in fact made up of 95% keratin. Keratin is quite simply a natural protein that allows hair to maintain all its shine, strength and elasticity.

It is synthesized by cells, keratinocytes.

During the first hair cycle, called the anagen phase, keratinocytes produce keratin for a period of two to five years.

Keratin is only present during this first phase. Keratin production is complete at the end of the anagen phase. It is therefore essential to take care of it because it does not renew itself.

In this context, our hair gummies which enrich our body with keratin and present real added value.

Nettle Hair Growth Gummies

Gummies stimulate the hair bulb

Our hair gummies also contain organic arugula, a plant that belongs to the cruciferous family like cabbages, radishes and turnips. The benefits of this plant for hair health have been recognized for centuries.

Organic arugula is indeed an essential ally for your hair. Rich in erucic acid, it strengthens and beautifies the scalp , and softens dry and damaged hair.

Like all raw vegetables, arugula is very rich in fiber, but it also contains lipids, proteins and carbohydrates. Indisputable elements to improve your hair health!

Consuming arugula in the form of a food supplement is therefore a good ritual to strengthen the shine, thickness and length of your hair.

Arugula Hair Growth Gummies

Gummies promote scalp circulation

For healthy hair, it is essential to stimulate the scalp. An excellent stimulator, organic blueberry therefore helps to give strength and thickness to the hair.

Blueberries are popular with many consumers. A success certainly due to its delicious taste but also to its multiple benefits.

Very rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, organic blueberries are valuable allies of your skin (they are used on acne-prone skin for example) but above all they are very effective in maintaining your hair.

Blueberries contain proanthocyanidins, active ingredients that significantly reduce the time between two hair growth cycles. The new hair therefore grows much faster.

Activation of the scalp allows blueberries to participate in the growth of your hair and accelerates their growth . 

Blueberry Hair Growth Gummies Organic

The hair gummies are entirely organic

When you decide to take charge of your hair, it is recommended to be particularly vigilant: in fact, many hair care products contain products that are harmful to the environment and to our hair. And the consequences of these sometimes very chemical products are sometimes less visible than when using entirely natural products.

Santarome Bio hair gummies are entirely composed of plants. 100% organic and vegan, they do not contain gluten and are made in France. Your hair is not at risk!

Hair gummies are easy to use

To observe visible results from the hair gummies treatment, simply follow the dosage: take two gummies per day for three months .

There is no need to take them with a glass of water: our delicious chewing gums are sufficient in themselves.

Easy to take with you, Santarome Bio hair gummies allow you to have a treatment that is both fun and effective. The effects are sometimes visible after a month: users' hair is visibly thicker, longer, easier to style and its shine is enhanced.

Conclusion: By taking two hair gummies every day for three months, you will see the visible effects of your treatment. Find healthy hair thanks to organic hair gummies from Santarome Bio!

Entirely organic and natural, our gummies allow users to regain the shine and strength of their hair in just a few months.

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