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Bloating: causes and effective remedies

Write the 01/12/2022 by Santarome Bio

Bloating is a relatively unpleasant manifestation and difficult to live with in society.

These unharmonious swellings of the stomach are generally accompanied by stomach pain. Most often, they are not very painful but very uncomfortable.

What causes intestinal bloating? What precautions should you take to avoid them and what should you do if you suffer from them? We will explain everything to you.

What causes bloating?

Bloating can have various causes:

  1. Slight aerophagia: the stomach fills with air when you consume a soft drink at the same time as a meal, for example.
  2. Excessive consumption of cruciferous vegetables (Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower).
  3. A meal eaten too quickly.

Bloating can also have internal causes such as lactose intolerance which prevents milk and dairy products from being properly digested, or an imbalance in the intestinal flora.

Note that pregnancy and menopause are periods during which women are more subject to bloating, because they produce more intestinal gas following hormonal upheavals.

Furthermore, bloating can be due to causes such as:

  1. The stress ;
  2. The tobacco ;
  3. Slowing down transit due to age: food spends more time in the digestive system and ferments.
  4. Laxatives, which can damage the intestinal flora when taken in too high a dose.
  5. Certain antibiotics likely to weaken the intestinal flora.

What are the symptoms of water retention?

Water retention results in swelling of certain parts of the body. Sometimes there is generalized swelling throughout the body.

In the majority of cases it is located in the feet: these swellings are a symptom of poor blood reflux towards the heart. But we also observe swelling of the hands.

It is sometimes associated with weight gain of up to four kilos. This weight gain is simply linked to the accumulation of fluid in the body.

Water retention is sometimes accompanied by slightly painful edema.

In the event of prolonged water retention for no known reason, or if your water retention is painful, do not hesitate to consult a health professional as soon as possible.

How to reduce bloating naturally?

Bloating can be reduced by changing a few simple points of your lifestyle. By reducing cruciferous vegetables, dairy products and carbonated drinks, you considerably limit the risk of stomach bloating.

Chewing gum also promotes gas production in the intestines.

Stress leads to the development of stomach bloating, so it is recommended to practice some relaxation exercises and a sport like yoga in order to limit it as much as possible.

Massages have also proven effective in cases of bloating: by gently massaging your stomach in a clockwise direction, you will quickly notice relief. To enhance the effect of the massage, essential oils based on basil, peppermint and oregano are perfectly indicated. Peppermint actually has antispasmodic properties.

Is intestinal bloating dangerous? 

Bloating poses no danger in itself, and is rarely painful. On the other hand, if they become uncomfortable in the long term, it is important to treat them to return to a more pleasant daily life.

A course of a few weeks of organic food supplements for the liver and digestion represents an effective natural solution which will quickly produce effects.

On the other hand, if this bloating is really painful, and if it is accompanied by other symptoms, it is important to consult a doctor. Contact your GP urgently if you notice:

  1. Blood in your stools;
  2. Severe constipation;
  3. Appetite disorders;
  4. Discomforts.

He will prescribe the necessary care for you.

What food supplements are recommended for the liver and digestion?

Santarome Bio offers food supplements for the liver and digestion that are effective and easy to use:

  1. Organic Liver Well-Being: in the form of ampoules or capsules, the Organic Liver Well-Being food supplements from Santarome Bio are composed of five plants and three buds. The associated virtues of these plants have draining and anti-oxidant actions on the liver. Organic Liver Well-Being is one of Santarome Bio’s bestsellers.
  2. Organic Artichoke and Black Radish combines the effects of these two plants whose effects on digestion are essential. This effective food supplement facilitates digestion and contributes to the proper functioning of the liver.
  3. Desmodium 2500 is made from desmodium, a plant from equatorial Africa whose effects on digestion have been recognized for centuries. Desmodium 2500 combines desmodium and rosemary, birch and juniper buds to promote liver function. It protects and detoxifies the liver.

Why trust Santarome Bio food supplements?

Santarome Bio offers natural and organic food supplements, entirely made up of plants. The plus of Santarome Bio? Our food supplements are systematically enriched with a trio of buds that add something extra. The buds of our food supplements are made according to the method of Professor Pol Henry: the buds macerate for twenty-one days in a mixture composed of one third alcohol, one third water and one third glycerin.

In summary, if you feel discomfort after meals, you are uneasy and you want to find daily comfort, Santarome Bio food supplements are perfectly suited.

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