The Artichoke belongs to the Asteraceae family. This perennial vegetable plant is recognizable by its large, spiny leaves which can reach 50 cm in length. The Artichoke grows in rather humid, rich and well-drained soils. Originally from Africa, it was introduced to France in the 16th century by Catherine de Medici. Today it is cultivated in different regions of Europe.

Main Properties

Source of fiber, minerals and trace elements

With only 40 calories per 100 g, the Artichoke is moderately energetic. It contains phenolic compounds including cynarin which would have activity at the hepatobiliary level and flavonoids. It is also a source of fiber, minerals and trace elements (Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium) as well as vitamins B, C and K.

Products containing Organic Artichoke