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The benefits of lemon balm

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Lemon balm , a perennial plant with dark green leaves giving off a lemony scent, grows in cool, shady environments such as undergrowth. Often confused with “real” Lemongrass, this plant has a rich history, dating back to Antiquity. Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher, named it Melissophyllon in his work "Historia Plantarum", highlighting its medicinal applications. Initially used to relieve injuries, its use has expanded to stress- related and sleep disorders.

History of Melissa

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) has woven a captivating story, leaving its mark in botanical and medicinal tales throughout the ages. Originally from the Mediterranean basin, this aromatic plant has conquered many civilizations thanks to its medicinal properties and its captivating scent.

The beginnings of lemon balm date back to ancient times, where the ancient Greeks admired it for its therapeutic benefits. Her name, “Melissa”, has its origins in Greek mythology, literally meaning “bee”. A natural connection was established between the plant and the delicate lemon balm flowers , attracting bees.

Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine, already recommended its use in the 4th century BC to relieve digestive disorders and soothe agitated minds. Herbalists of Antiquity considered this plant with ribbed leaves and white, lemon-scented flowers to be a medicinal treasure.

Over the centuries, lemon balm traveled across Europe, conquering the gardens of medieval monasteries and becoming a prized ingredient in healers' potions. During the Renaissance, it adorned castle gardens for its aromatic and soul-soothing qualities.

Today, lemon balm remains anchored in our daily lives, whether through infusions, essential oils or as a key element of modern cuisine.

Composition and main active compounds of Melissa

Belonging to the Lamiaceae family , lemon balm is distinguished by its delicately serrated foliage and its white or slightly pink-tinted flowers.

It draws its therapeutic potential from various active compounds present in its leaves, stems and flowers. Its composition, rich in active compounds, makes it a valuable ally in herbal medicine.

Among the major compounds in Melissa , we find terpene aldehydes such as citral and citronellal . These substances reveal antiviral, calming and relaxing properties.

Benefits of Melissa

Benefits on the body

Lemon balm, a plant with exceptional virtues, unfolds its benefits by bringing natural calm to the body and mind. Its calming and relaxing action is one of its most remarkable characteristics.

Known for its calming properties, lemon balm plays a major role in stress management . By acting on relaxation, it proves to be a valuable ally in establishing restful sleep. Organizations such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA), Commission E of the German Ministry of Health, and ESCOP recognize the use of lemon balm to reduce nervous tension, irritability and restlessness, promoting thus a peaceful sleep.

In addition to its effects on the nervous system, lemon balm also has an action on the digestive system . Its use as symptomatic treatment of digestive disorders is validated by renowned bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), EMA, Commission E, and ESCOP.

Lemon balm is thus positioned as a multi-faceted plant, offering a range of benefits for the overall well-being of the body.

How to consume lemon balm?

Melissa can be integrated into our daily lives in multiple ways. From food supplements to infusions, including herbal teas and decoctions, it offers a varied range of options to enjoy its benefits. This flexibility allows everyone to find the method that best suits their lifestyle and personal preferences.

Food supplements based on Melissa offer a practical and concentrated solution to benefit from its properties. In the form of capsules, ampoules, or tablets, the supplements guarantee a precise quantity of active ingredients, thus facilitating their integration into the daily routine.

Melissa herbal tea , often appreciated for its light and lemony taste, offers a pleasant way to benefit from its benefits.

Decoctions, which involve boiling Lemon Balm in water for a longer period of time, can be used to extract the active compounds from the plant more intensely. These preparations can be consumed diluted in water or added to other beverages, providing an alternative for those who prefer more concentrated methods of consumption.

Our advice for choosing the right product and precautions for use

Before incorporating Lemon Balm products into one's routine, it is always recommended to consult a healthcare professional, especially for those who have pre-existing medical conditions or are taking other medications. This precaution helps ensure that there are no unwanted interactions.

Although Lemon Balm is generally considered safe, it is important to follow the recommended dosages. Excessive dosages can potentially cause adverse effects.

However, each individual responds differently to herbal supplements. It is therefore essential to monitor whether any side effects occur, such as allergies, stomach upset or other symptoms.

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Lemon balm stands out for its remarkable benefits in managing stress and improving sleep. Whether you choose to incorporate it in the form of dietary supplements or enjoy a relaxing cup of herbal tea, Lemon Balm offers a natural solution to support your well-being. Don’t hesitate to explore the different ways you can incorporate it into your daily routine and discover the wonders this plant can bring you.

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