Eleutherococcus is native to eastern Siberia. It is a shrub 2 to 3 m high which produces small, black, fleshy berries. It also goes by the name “Siberian Ginseng” because its roots have often replaced those of Panax Ginseng . In Siberia, Mongolia and China, traditional medicine and healers attribute to it the power to increase longevity.

Main Properties

Immunostimulating and adaptogenic properties

Eleutherococcus supports the immune system*. It is mainly to eleutherosides that its immunostimulating and adaptogenic properties are attributed (the increase in the body's capacity to cope with various stresses, whatever their nature). These substances have properties similar to those of ginsenosides in Ginseng.

*At a dosage of 400 mg in dry plant equivalent per ampoule in the Bio Immunity product.