Birch is a tree whose origins date back 30 million years. Now widespread in Europe and Asia, it is recognized by its white, slender trunk which can reach 30 meters high. It is well known for its white bark and its small leaves, which are light green in spring and yellow in fall. Birch symbolizes spring and purity in Northern and Eastern Europe.

Main Properties

Known for its white bark

Birch sap is collected in spring, over a period of 3 to 5 weeks before the young leaves appear. It contains all the nutrients necessary for the growth of birch trees and their rebirth after winter. It is often consumed at seasonal changes or before a diet.

Downy Birch strengthens immune defenses*. Silver Birch helps promote the body's detoxification process**. Downy Birch has properties that facilitate intestinal transit***. The flavonoid composition of the pubescent birch bud is little different from that of the leaves used in phytotherapy.

*Present in the Allerus bud glycerinated macerate complex (for 30 drops).
**Present in the Detox Slimming bud glycerin macerate complex (for 35 drops).