Named in homage to the German naturalist physician JF von Eschscholtz, Eschscholtzia is a plant from the poppy family. It is native to California and loves the sun and dry soil, which is why it is commonly called "California Poppy". It also happens to be nicknamed the “Yellow Poppy” because of its beautiful bright yellow flowers with large, thin petals.

Main Properties

Contributes to optimal relaxation and improves the quality of sleep

Eschscholtzia contributes to optimal relaxation and improves the quality of sleep*. Its flowering aerial parts, sources of alkaloids, appear in the list of "Herbal medicines" (document published by the French Medicines Agency in the Cahiers de l'Agence in 1998): "Traditionally used to reduce nervousness adults and children, particularly in cases of minor sleep disorders.

*At a dosage of 25 mg in dry plant equivalent per ampoule in the Sleep Melatonin product.

Products containing Organic Eschscholtzia