The 1st range of 100% Organic Gummies!

It has never been easier to take your food supplements!
No need for water or glass, the gummies can be taken alone.

Our tasty 100% ORGANIC PHYTO gummies enriched with ORGANIC buds are here TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!

100% natural and organic Gummies

A daily program to take with pleasure

🌱 100% organic plants
💚 Vegan formulas
🔬 Formulas enriched with organic buds
🇫🇷 French manufacturing
⚡ Strong dosages
🌍 An eco-responsible range

The 1st 100% organic range

✔️ Without synthetic vitamins
✔️ No artificial flavors
✔️ No artificial colors
✔️ Non-GMO
✔️ Chemical free
✔️ Free from pesticides and insecticides
✔️ Without preservatives
✔️ No sweeteners

Sublime Organic Hair

Stimulates growth and enhances your hair.

Nettle is rich in silica which helps stimulate production of keratin. Arugula helps stimulate the hair bulb, promoting hair growth. Blueberry activates scalp microcirculation.

With a good raspberry flavor!


Relax Organic

Helps reduce stress and increases mental resilience.

Rhodiola helps reduce the negative impacts of stress passenger and improve mental and physical resistance. Chamomile helps with relaxation and physical and mental well-being. Lavender contributes to optimal relaxation.

With a good cherry taste!

Zen let's stay Zen!

My Organic Detox

Detoxifies the kidneys, liver and skin

Birch is known for the elimination of water and toxins. Dandelion contributes to normal renal elimination functions. Burdock helps protect the liver which maintains liver function and further stimulates digestion and purification of the body.

With the good taste of lemon!


Organic Boost Shot

Restores energy and reduces fatigue

Guarana contributes to alertness and the reduction of mental fatigue. Acerola is naturally rich in vitamin C. Ginseng is an adaptogenic plant which contributes to physical and intellectual resistance.

With the good taste of Orange!


Good Night Organic

Promotes falling asleep, relaxation and improves the quality of sleep.

Lemon balm promotes sleep. Chamomile helps with relaxation and physical and mental well-being. California Poppy promotes relaxation and improves the quality of natural sleep. Linden soothes for peaceful sleep. Valerian activates the release of GABA.

With the good taste of Cassis!


Organic Immunity

Stimulates immune defenses

Eleutherococcus supports the body's defenses. Echinacea stimulates the immune system. Elderberry is rich in antioxidants, strengthens the defense system natural.

With the good taste of Grapefruit!

We stimulate his defenses!